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We combine AI, Software Development and Design Thinking to build innovative products with impact. From ideas, to prototypes, to production - we cover every step of the way.


We deliver​

Innovation as a Service

Organisations are advancing faster than ever.​ Now is the time to future-proof your business.

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Image and video


Image classification

Categorizing and labelling​ of any given image​

Object Detection

Localizing and detecting​ objects in videos and images​

Artificial Design

Generating novel, image-​based product designs​

text and audio


Text Analytics

Recognize key phrases, sentiment,​ and named entities​

Information Retrieval

Retrieve structured information ​ from unstructured documents​

Question Answering

Create a question and answer​ layer over text data​

numeric and sensor data

Anomaly Detection

Detect abnormal data and ​identify problems early on​

Predictive Analytics

Derive patterns to make ​predictions about future events​​


Predict changes of important​ KPIs such as product demand​

use cases

Your journey to A.I. driven Innovation

Introduction to A.I. Technologies

In a first workshop, we give you an insight to relevant A.I. technologies and highlight common use cases in your industry.

identify opportunities

Together we identify specific opportunities that best fit your company and assess the resulting business case.

Feasibility Study

We develop a prototype that explores the overall project feasibility to guarantee substantial success.

End Solution Development

Agile development techniques enables us to deliver top solutions while you actively take part in the process.

Long-term Support

After development, we offer long-term support to ensure that our solution is running smoothly.


What our clients say

“The team of young and enthusiastic professionals at Unetiq thinks out of the box. They understood our needs as a client and proposed innovative solutions. We are confident that the prototype we are collaborating on will make our cost-estimating workflows leaner, more reliable and faster. ”

Enrique Martinez

- Head of Construction Estimation

"Working together with the team of Unetiq was an excellent experience. Not only did they understand our needs from the very beginning, but were able to realize the project in outstanding speed - implementing a first prototype in less than two months and moving from idea to production in only 4 months. The developed application offers perfect usability and is used in our day-to-day business"

Axel Barth & Markus Schmidt

- Group Lead Systems & Innovation

"Unetiq really impressed us with their ability to quickly understand and solve engineering-related problems using state-of-the-art solutions. With their young team of professionals, they are driving innovation and succeeded where we failed internally in the past."

Dr. Bernd Kleinpass

- Head of Market Unit

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