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Identifying the potential of Artificial Intelligence in sustainable applications is often a difficult undertaking. With our interdisciplinary team, we help to discover opportunities and implement them directly - from the first prototype to the finished application.

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Furning - Find Furniture

An entirely new approach to shopping furniture - made possible by breakthrough technologies

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Reference Projects

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence offer almost endless possibilities for implementation. Hence, our portfolio of past projects is diverse. In the following we present selected projects that have been approved for publication.


Classification of Spanish medical patient discharge summaries

Detecting early signs of critical diseases from freetext notes

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AI4Cities - Horizon Europe

BEE - Building Energy Efficiency

Shifting Buildings Energy Consumption to Renewables

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Intelligent Troubleshooting Support

Costumer support's troubleshooting simplified

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Transparent Planning and Optimization of Construction Projects - Instantly

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Case Studies

The following case studies are intended to provide an insight into concrete applications of our data science and AI Solutions. We are happy to advise you on the feasibility of your idea.