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Furning - Find Furniture

An entirely new approach to shopping furniture - made possible by breakthrough technologies
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4 people

Machine Learning

Web Crawling

Data Integration


Maturity Level
Production level app for end users

A new Approach on Finding Furniture

The perfect piece of furniture - in the shopping cart after just a few clicks: Furning is geared towards finding items quickly. With an integrated, intelligent and clearly structured platform that contains over 100,000 products from more than 50 partner stores, no wish remains unfulfilled.

Through a simple image upload, matching search results are displayed in real time and with the help of our fully automated designer, colors and materials can be customized instantly.

Precise Image Search

We developed an integrated visual search function that allows users to find furniture by simply taking a picture - or uploading an existing image. Our tool automatically detects and highlights pieces in the uploaded image and displays the best matching products. Additional filters can be set to restrict the search to selected shops or a certain price range.

Smart, Instant Style Adjustments

It often happens that users find a furniture piece but prefer a different color or material. Our smart image editor helps out by allowing quick and easy changes of the product look. The underlying approach relies on advanced computer vision techniques that enable almost instant edits and does not reduce the quality or resolution of the original product image. Colors and materials can be freely combined and allow almost infinite customization options!

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