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Customer support often is distributed among many customer service centers in different locations using a broad variety of software systems to serve customers via phone, mail or chat applications. Keeping an overview of all locations and systems is challenging, non-transparent and requires a lot of communication between different stakeholders.

With our software customer support agents can easily report issues in their systems by providing a problem description, that gets automatically matched with the root cause. The reports are automatically aggregated for different stakeholders to have an intuitive overview of the status of all support centers.

Identifying problems at first sight

Our software automatically aggregates all reported issues on a location, system and worktype level. This way users have a real-time overview of the relevant information and can identify the most pressing problems at first sight. An integrated chat functionality enables targeted, issue-specific communication and ensures fast troubleshooting.

Mobile Access and Notifications

The application was designed for web- and mobile access and ensures the same usability on all devices. This way issues can still be reported when internal systems, like internet connections or computer systems fail on certain locations. Users can easily check the status of all systems on the go and automatically get notified via e-mail, if urgent issues occur.

The Impact


Our software is used worldwide in different customer support centers and supports in solving issues around the clock in multiple time zones. Hundreds of issues are solved through our app every month and troubleshooting times have declined more than 20%.

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